Monday, March 14, 2016

How are you planning the breakout?

First, I'm humbled by the incredible response I've received from my last post about building a #BreakoutEDU box. Thanks everyone for the Twitter likes, mentions, and RTs. You are very kind!

Planning my "heist"

As I have been planning the BreakoutEDU experience (and I'm not done yet), I've been gathering resources and tips to help me out as a first-time facilitator. The three most helpful things I've done to prepare are:

  1. Join the BreakoutEDU Facebook Group
  2. Read Rachel Porter's Smore flyer about BrekoutEDU and be sure to grab a copy of the Game Facilitation Slides
  3. Participate in the #moedchat about BreakoutEDU last week. Doing a #moedchat search to find the backlog of the conversation from last Thursday is well worth your time! And, if memory serves correct, there's another BreakoutEDU chat this Thursday at 9:00PM Central Time.
I'm beyond excited to facilitate BreakoutEDU in my classroom. I hope this post and my last one help you facilitate your own breakout too!

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