Thursday, April 7, 2016

Orange Mustache Group

On Wednesday, I was surprised with a certificate welcoming me to the OMG - Orange Mustache Group - in my school district.
Receiving this certificate means a lot to me. When I started in my district 4 years ago, I saw various people with an orange mustache sticker on their computer. I asked one of them what it was all about and, after hearing his description, I knew how much of an honor it would be to be included in the group. The back of the card I'm holding in the picture reads as follows:

Orange Mustache - a person full of creativity, that is determined to change the world for the better, despite what those around them say and do. A constant learner that is willing to share with others and foster innovation.

I'm thrilled to be recognized as a person with these qualities. Now it's my job to pay it forward and nominate another person for the OMG.

Here's to always learning and always changing for the better!
UPDATE: Click here to read about the thinking behind the Orange Mustache Group. Perhaps your school, district, or business would like to adopt it!

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